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A lot of people who visit the Home Depot Associate’s Site happens to be Home Depot employees who are there to find out pay-related information. And this is an extremely useful site for the hundreds of thousands of Home Depot associates as they do not have to line up in front of the HR office for any pay-related information they need.

So let us take a look at some of the pay-related functions of


Setting Up Direct Deposit

If you are a new hire at Home Depot and you want to set up a deposit account; you can do so at this site. This way, your salary will be credited directly to your account.


Access Pay Statements

Through this site, you can also access your pay statement: Current and historical alike. This feature comes in handy especially if you are thinking of reconciling your finances or for any other financial matters.


Edit Pay Deductions

Home Depot employees have to deal with a lot of deductions that are mandatory, for instance; Tax. At the same time, there are also those deductions that are optional; like the Homer Fund. Now through, you can enroll for the Homer Fund if you already haven’t. And if you’ve already done it, you can also make changes to the amount of your contribution.

This is just one example in helping you understand how you can control deductions from your pay. Through, you can do similar adjustment with other deductions as well.


Payroll Card Functionality

As a Home Depot associate, you have the option of using Payroll Cards to receive your pay instead of direct deposit. All you have to do is get yourself a Payroll Card and activate it at

So these were some of the functions of and to do it, you would normally visit the Home Depot home page and click Pay. On the next page; you’ll see options like View Pay Statements, W-2 Statements, Direct Deposit/Payroll Card, Tax Withholdings and many more options. So you click on the options accordingly and enter your login credentials and you’ll be taken to the page with all the relevant pay information you seek.

This is how you access and perform all your pay-related activities.