Accessing Myloweslife Portal With Ease

In the United States, one of the biggest home improvement and hardware stores is Lowe’s. There are 265,000 employees assigned in the various areas of the firm. Due to the number of these workers, Lowe’s created Myloweslife to cater to the human resource details needs of the personnel. Lowe’s founded this portal last 2009. Checking work information like work schedules, e-mails about tasks, benefits, trade shifts, Wells Fargo retirement services, transition details, organization affairs and announcements can be fast through the link, which is Lowe’s website. Remember that the portal is exclusive to Lowe’s associates.

The MyLowesLife Portal is just accessible to current and retired staff of the company who have a “username” and password” and internet-connected PC or mobile gadgets.

Accessing Myloweslife Portal With Ease

If you’re a personnel of the firm, you can request a “Sales Number” and “Password” from the HR group of Myloweslife so you could sign in to the portal. Which means that gaining access to the portal will not require you to fill out any form to create a new account.

Step 1 : First open your computer with a active wifi network and go to any of the internet browsers, it might be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and so on. Type the home page link of Myloweslife, which is, on the address bar. After that, you have to click the search button to gain access to the Lowe’s associate portal.

Step 2 : Once you have entered the official page, simply look for login box found at top left corner of the home page. Enter your own personal sales number and password in their respective fields and click login.

Step 3: Just before the user could use his or her myloweslife account, it should be setup first. For the first log in, the user should identify first if he or she is a “Full Time” or “Part Time” staff.

If you Fail to remember Login Details of Myloweslife

Forgetting one’s password might happen to many people. The good news is the website can help you retrieve you account if you’re faced with situations like this. On the Lowe’s associate login portal (, the ‘Forgot Password’ option must be found below the sign in button. A new page will appear and will advise you to answer a set of questions which are also asked during your account registration. When you get the answers right, you’ll be sent to another page of instructions concerning how to reset your password. You can access your account as soon as the password is reset.

Are you a previous Lowe’s Employee?

The My Lowe’s Life portal is also a venue for retirees or previous employees of the company to get benefits. They can simply click below the heading ‘are you a former employee?’. Then, the user can access eTrade, Wells Fargo, COBRA advantages from the My Lowe’s Benefits page.

Discounts Given to Lowe’s Employees

Personnels may purchase company products for 10% less. Nonetheless, they should only receive discounts when they purchase for themselves, family, or for gifts.

Lowe’s Employee Relief Fund

In 2015, $3.3 million worth of money was used in the LERF. This fund is to be utilized for dispensation to employees who’re in need of financial help. This aid is accessible to full-timers and part-timer staff.

Lowe’s Employee Stock Purchase Plans

For full-time workers, the ESPP or Employee Stock Purchase Plan may be acquired, Nevertheless, if you are working part-time, you will still have to work for more than a year before you could get the benefit.

Products from the company can be bought for a smaller price. Up to 15% discount is given over the last day of the stocks. The company will change these stocks twice a year. 1% to 20% of one’s base pay may be used as investment.

How to use Myloweslife Account

Present and past personnel must have a Lowes Life account so they could check work schedules, view work emails, access benefits, check employee transition information, Wells Fargo retirement services, and other HR related details.

For workers of the company wanting to be transferred to another field, they can get it done in the Mylowes portal. If the employee is capable and skillful in the field he or she wants to transfer to, the company will certainly allow it. Workers make application for a certain job position because it’s more profitable and challenging.

lowes employee portal Phone Numbers and Contacts to Track

Some problems experienced on the site may be resolved by going to the company at Lowe’s HR Address: Lowe’s Group Benefits (NB2CB) 1000, Lowes Boulevard, Mooresville, NC28117. Or you can call the portal support by calling 1 888 474 6365.

Contact Number for Lowe’s Former Worker

For further information and questions about the benefits provided by Lowe’s to its past workers, dial the following:
1 888 257 5689 (United Healthcare for Medical Plans)
1 866 442 6272 (Dental administered by COBRAGuard)
1 800 942 0854 (Dental Claim Questions)
1 800 400 4569 (VSP)

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