Krowd Darden Login FAQ for Employees

What if my Krowd Darden Login name is lost?

There are respective platforms for RSC staff and Team Members to go in these cases Team members must visit the Krowd Login Page to click on Forgot Username? while RSC workers should call Help Desk number 800-551-2444.

What if my KrowD password is lost?

Help Desk will be available through their hotline number (800-551-2444), for RSC employees who have this concern. Team Members, however, must visit the KrowD Login Page. When the page loads, pick ‘Forgot Password?’. You will be redirected to page where you will have to answer some security questions before you can finally change your password.

How to have a new set of KrowD security questions?

You will find the link to your profile on the top of the KrowD home page. The option is named My Profile; you could click this or on your picture. Next, visit Profile Preferences. This is exactly where your security answers and questions are found; you could change this information. The answers are not case sensitive but special characters aren’t allowed.

How to get a new KrowD password?

Follow the same instructions above in opening your profile then click Profile Preferences. Next choose Change Password so you could enter your old password and your new password. The web page will need to ask you to input the new security password in another field to complete the procedure. Your password must involve both number and letters, at least Seven characters and maximum of Sixteen characters.