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Everything you should know about Login help, how you can check your balance, how to sign up, reviews, FAQs and contact cell phone numbers. is the main website for Prepaid Visa Gift Cards and Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards management. Prepaid Card masters can sign up for online use, check card balances, access card statements and even more.

Prepaid Visa Gift Cards or Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards are useable cards that people gith to others. The cards always come in various preloaded denominations. Whether online or in local shops, Prepaid Visa Gift Cards and the Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards can be redeemed anywhere in America. But you would have to register the card first for online use. Nonetheless, the cards cannot be used again through reload.

You can spend the best holidays with your family conveniently utilizing The portal is also a great place to pay your bills. On the other hand, be sure you secure your card and your card number during your dealing.

Procedures to Log In to

You can access the features of Mygiftcardsite by entering your Card Number and Card Security Code. In order to enter in the login info, visit the main page of the website by opening in your web browser. It is crucial to check the activation sticker displayed on your Gift Card because the 1-800 number might be wrong. Utilize this one instead: 1-866-952-5653. Right after entering the details, you will need to solve the Captcha first.

How to register a card at

To sign up your card, input your card number and the cards security code, solve the captcha code, and you are done. After you’ve logged in successfully, your card could be signed up online, which is also available through mobile.

How to check out your card balance at

There are two ways to check your balance through the mygiftcardsite: online help or customer care hotline.

Don’t worry mainly because utilizing the website to check your balance is fast. First, go to the site and use your valid card number and security code to sign in to your account. If you want a more detailed instruction, check out the following process to inquire balance.

Visit the

The process will begin after you give your card information. There’s a space provided for your gift card number. Then, type your security code on another field. You will find the 3-digit Card Security Code on the back of your card. Do not make any changes to it. Incorrect input means you will not be able to sign in successfully. Next, enter the right characters seen on the image before clicking “Login”. A new page will load, displaying your balance.

Mygiftcardssite Customer Service number

Call the toll-free phone number of No other numbers are used by the portal.

Additional Information about

Here are the most asked questions on the MyGiftcardssite portal.
Question: How could I use the Prepaid Visa® Gift Card?
Answer: There’s a specific amount of money in the Prepaid Card that you can spend. You could use the Prepaid Visa Gift Card to buy what you want anywhere in the US the Visa Debit Card is accepted, as well.
Question: What’s the difference between the Prepaid Visa Gift Card along with other gift cards?
Answer: There is no limit to which store you could only the Prepaid Visa Gift Card, not like other gift cards that could only be utilized in specific stores, so long as it’s situated in the US.
Question: Does the Prepaid Visa Gift Card work as a credit card?
Answer: No, only the set amount in the Prepaid Visa Gift Card could be spent. The amount in the card lessens each time a purchase is made.
Question: What are the available denominations of the card?
Answer: Cards contain amounts of $15, $20, $20, $25, $50, and $100. Variable load cards are available at $20-500$ denominations. However, all the said denominations might not be available in just one retailer.

Why Should I Register My Gift Card

Registering your prepaid gift card at enables you to access features such as viewing of your transaction history and your credit card standing. You will be able to see where you have used your card before and be able to quickly and easily check the balance remaining in your card with no additional charges.

What is My Gift Card Used For?

Accessing your card details and transaction history is very important to you. Spend some time reading the terms and agreements of the site so you’ll know your limitations. It’s an ideal way to connect with the company without experiencing more problems. Use to make the most out of your gift cards.